Monday, August 30, 2010

Blogging has been slow. I don't know why I need to reiterate that every time I log in and start a new post.Its become a habit, a way of excusing myself for the increasingly long gaps between posts. 

The blob on top of me head? A fellow fashion enthusiast? Is that the right label..well, lets not label people. Anyhoo, the fellow-err spotted me today for the first time while I was out for a movie with friends, and later told me online that I had a headlight on me head :DD ..that was definitely a first and surprisingly welcome. I never thought of the bun as a 'headlight' which after mentioned is mighty appropriate. So yeah..HEADLIGHTS, no, thats one HEADLIGHT. Check.. lets perk em' up on high yeah?
If I could write down a chronology of the past 2 months, it would be sort of like a snake slithering on slow mo and then ZAP.. going for the kill. Then slow mo and vice versa.
Can I quit my Masters and open a bistro? Or maybe a capsule collection? 
Thinking.. Yes. Still thinking of getting a crew-cut. Maybe next year. Prior to that was going hairless, no not like I'm taking a sabbatical. Yeah tell me you know what I mean. Just hairless. I'm striking that out now because my hair has been literally falling.

And where did the rain go? This line just came out of nowhere like a buzzer.

One of my professors walked in class with a navy tee, khaki shorts and a backpack. He has a smirk on his face and he waves his hands about in a flail-ly, erratic sort of way. You know he's not an old bore. An old Mac Daddy?Hmmm.. And that, sometimes at the end of the day makes me want to come back to class. You can tell how deep I am in the trenches..scholarly pursuit?? Pffft.
Psssstttt.. I am whining. Get back to subject.
I need a moodboard to cram in all I've just said.

I have a quote.
" To achieve its goal, photography needs to seduce - to interest and to transport the spectator into a world of illusion. Our dreams and our imagination are the sources of our desires. Photography, a modern ' opium of the people ' and fashion photography, as its entertainment branch, have the ability to change our vision momentarily and move us into a more attractive realm of existence. The impetus to action through images is the power of the fashion photograph. The contemplation of a picture of a woman in a dress is an immediate invitation to a vicarious existence. Like an amateur novelist, one can through the signal of clothes project oneself into a life one does not live." Alexander Liberman.

With that said, most times, just by reading this quote, I transport myself. Sheesh but YEP. 

Linger on the quote just for a bit and look at these. See these..?? I felt like someone gave me a good punch on my tummy when i saw these. Pictures via jackandjil. It would be odd if I did not post these here, considering how much I am in awe of Celine, with the new minimalism going on there lately.

I'm just gonna go now and try and get my spunk back. Steroids. Even Celine. Kill school. Fall even more in love with Marcus Mumford..btw I was talking music right now. Get out of this spell and yes tiny old me did acquire a few goodies recently and they are on hold till the spunk is back. Believe you me, the spunk will be back.


Tany Lë *charmediem* said...

great post*

xx charmediem*

RepublicOfChic said...

I saw a version on Ebay of the Celines. Interested? :)

Wardrobe Wars said...

Those shoes are WOW! There is no other word to describe them. You wear them and people could only saw WOW! A very plain outfit is needed when wearing these type of shoes - they are the outfit!
Greetings from Ireland (we found you on Trendation)
Fifi & Niamh - take a look if you get a chance, we'd love your feedback - follow if you like what you see.


i loved this post on jak and jil!