Thursday, July 22, 2010


SO I have been fairly busy running errands which seem to take forever. Mostly to do with University Exams and school..chaperoning little ones hither and thither. Myself included. That would explain the blog flow that is currently on a lapse and moving and hauling suitcases about is another inconvenience to blogging.

That said.. Outfit posts are the last thing on my mind right now though there's this fiery red dress Ive been wanting to prance around in while the cam goes click,click,click. I will get to that soon before my classes weigh me down. Ive noticed how the parka has taken center stage so now I need me a parka.. over sized will work best for this tiny frame, for that breezy leverage. Preferably gray or black. Well... Fall season? You're gonna have to step it up and get here soon.

Here are pictures that have been a source of inspiration for FOREVER.. they're usually rotated about for my desktop background. So yeah still cant stand the idea of a bare post with no visual eye candy. And BTW Ive teamed up with fellow blogger Audrey of the banner on the right side o' my blog, who's got an amazing knack for mixing separates. So go have a looksey .. you're sure to find great pieces there.


The first two pictures from stockholmstreetstyle have stayed with me for a long time now.
You look at the outfit or the separate pieces that make the outfit...and you cant fail but to notice at the intelligent and cohesive blending. You catch details and go 'oh' and 'hmmm' and sort of delve into how people portray their individual take on a slouchy furry coat..or a nerd glass but that lady up there is probbly wearing prescriptions. I look at it and I feel like patrolling the streets wearing something that would drag along with me like the above.. Maybe the parka would cater to just that. The second image no doubt propelled this ongoing  inclination to buying items that are nudey.. tangy nudey..gray nudey. Then color wise.. I went all peachy.. coral shrimp. Enough with color naming now.

The last image is, one of many favourites by Tommy over at jakandjil. Danielle Steel and daughter Vanessa Traina... The power shoulders had caught on.. blazing head on actually. The first thing that caught my eye about this picture was the floral dress and the frenzy of activity that is captured, like a race against time. The shot is perfection for me. So anyhooo.. will try and get going with more posts soon. Buhbye.


Enamodeuse said...

The pics you have chosen are great. I take sooo much photos from stockholmstreetstyle, is one of my main sources!

Tanvi said...

Love your style. Followin you on Bloglovin' :)

vogueish said...
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