Sunday, July 4, 2010

SO I went and bought them Zara brogues. I had to, because they were grey with floral details, like they were sprinkled on top. It was perfect.
Pretty NO? I just GRABBED it as soon as i saw it. Literally. 

OHH. Miu Miu influence all over. NOTED. There was this top that had a tiny cat print on it, and instead of the sharp drop collar, it had a peter pan collar. The sleeves could have been more structured, or they could have done better with no sleeves at all.
Bumped into lovestruckcow at the store. Know what, I had a gut feeling I would see you that day. No shit :P
Sorry I was so nervous and petrified, but it was lovely to see you again!

OHH and I solemnly acknowledge and thank you for the feature over at the Indian Express. Won't mention names but you know who you are if you're reading this. Sorry I was, again so nervous during the interview via phone. If you didn't notice, I really was. Heh.

Back in the capital. Weather's a kill on overdrive...slugger posts ahead.


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

Wow those brogues are way too cute! I was at Zara the other day and I saw this Miu Miu inspired cat-print dress, but I was out of money :(
Anyway, I like the shoes. A lot. :)
Did u end up getting the cat top too?

RepublicOfChic said...


I like the peach sock wardrobe definition :)

Lauxafarian Fashion said...

I love your shoes... grey is ony my all time favs and ur pair stole my heart!!

Love lah!!


you know the crazy thing, I was just thinking of you when I was looking at those nude block heels a the store (cos you were wearing similar ones at the store launch) and then I couldn't believe I saw you right after.
even more bizarre- this was only my 3rd time at the store..ever! out of which 2 i have seen you there :P

wish had my g10 to shoot you, the red bag with the skirt was adorable~

lahlah said...

@lovestruckcow.. haha yeah and that was only my 3rd time at the store too.. even i wish i had bought my cam along :D

Vogue Vibes said...

Nice.....i totally understand d urge!

Anonymous said...

same pich! Got the same ones. you grabbed them, i wore them from the store itself. :P
they are my new lovelies. ^_^

We're all zara-fied and zara clones now.

aastha said...

hey lalah
this is aastha, sr writer from tehelka magazine
would love to talk to you about a fashion story i am doing and feature you
can you pls call me on 9987297390 or give me your number
pls hurryyyyyyyy
thanks a ton

Enamodeuse said...

Love your brogues, they are sooo cute^^

Tanvi said...

Love those brogues! Totally worth buying! :)