Thursday, June 3, 2010

@ Zara

Okay.. So I was lucky enough to get an invite to ZARA's first ever store launch here in India. Epic? Epic enough for me. So I played this  blogger going to a store launch of a world famous clothing label. I felt awkward..petrified?? Uhhh yeah. The store was  HUGE! The collection was pure genius, incorporating every important key element in fashion today as well as beautiful classic pieces. Clogs. Lady Gaga. Nude galore. Floral power. The nautical fashion trend. Beautiful denim. Great basic wear actually.. practical so one can actually procure 4 to 6 items at a time if you have the dough. So I had fun traipsing around the store clicking pictures, me and my cousin going all omg... came across this nude coloured flat..then more omgeees. Lovely evening, met lovely people too. My cousin and I did go again the day after to pick up a few things we had really liked. The scene there could be compared to a massive haul out. People just buzzed about the entire place and everything was just literally flying off the shelves. The tee I really, really wanted was only available in a size too big for me..including the nude flats I was talking about. I am definitely going there again though.

The tee i REALLY wanted.

Sturdy. I could kick ass in this.

I definitely lean more towards slouchy blazers.

This romper reminded me of Miu Miu. All over in chictopia and lookbook right now.

Telephone vid is WICKED.

I loved the buttons and the suspenders.

Grey and cute too.

Nude flats i was talking about

A tee from the kid's section.

And this is what i wore to the event.


Hlmr said...

oooo nude flats look great!!how much did they cost?????

lahlah said...

it was 1790.. pretty reasonable :)

Vintage Obsession said...

I Adore what your wearing :-) the bow is so freaking cute :-)
so lucky you guys are waiting for Zara to debut here is Bangalore

Lizz said...

I love those shoes you could kick ass in! haha I love Zara too.


Thanks for coming! It was great meeting you finally!:)

Prutha said...

i have those brown shoes in the second pic... and i love them!! my most comfy heel