Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello. That was lame. Truth is I do get.. As I've said it many times over, I am your average awkward midget/girl and YES I get self-conscious, face conscious?.. exposed and all that when I'm doing this blogging thing. Hence I don't do faces all that much, more so because well, this blog has no intention of getting too subjective about oneself ..they're all mug shots anyway. So we try and do the not-aware-of-the-camera pose, which is rather hilarious actually because I try to look nonchalant or detached which requires a lot of effort. AND NO I am NOT your average social butterfly/prattler. Yes I had to make that point. Shy blogger? Yes. Point given. Moving on.

This was fun layering for me. Grey pieces on top of grey pieces. That is why separates are fun and functional. Assembling and dissembling is an activity I take too much pleasure in, so much so that it leads to a mountain of clothes on the floor after the frenzied activity is over. A common case, yes. I say frenzy because this usually happens when this head of mine is befuddled with inspiration.


Peach socks bought in again. Will probbly do variations of this over and over. And there is an excess of bows here. On the shoes and the head which I noticed later on. Just focus on the layers yeah? There's really no point giving info on where the clothes are from. All thrifted. These repetitive, monotonous visuals seem to be my default camera pose so kindly bear with them.

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Lauxafarian Fashion said...

Can I say that you're adorable and definitely I wannas ask which camera do you use? It's been months and I am still hunting for a nice cam..

<3 Lah!!