Thursday, June 17, 2010

art and people.

Stumbled on these. Look at how funny and intelligent they are. Illustrated by Alex Noriega who is " an illustrator from Barcelona that likes to draw things with small faces. " I like small things too, especially things that are small and cute. Cartoony and a bit wacky.  

The last two are so FUNNY. My tummy did a serious jiggle. The bunny and the little people make me go all weee and squirmy. Pat em' on the back and take them to bed, huddle them all close to me and maybe make faces at them while I'm reading my book or listening to Camera Obscura. Funny yet intelligent and endearing because you go OH! Okay. A little introspection here and there..errmm.. And you go.. OH again. I want to print out a gazillion of these and stick it all over my wall. You can check out more of these here and here if you agree with me that this is all very art-holy. Heh.

And please dont sue me for these pictures. Alex, I love your work.


RepublicOfChic said...

These are hilarious! I love the lil succesful bunny chilling on a bench! ADORABLE! :)

Twinkle said...

Haha I checked out his blog after your post. He is too good!

p.s. I love your style!

:) xx

Tanvi said...

seriously hilarious.....intelligent all the same