Tuesday, June 15, 2010

oh my billowy coat

                        Stray frays here.

Colour! Weeeee. Colour seems to give an instant a-ha effect BECAUSE I said COLOUR and then I went WEEEEE! Heh. Such an excess of colour for me. I don't do too much of that so...yeah. Had worn these shorts to the Zara store launch and you can pretty much tell that I love them. 99bucks from a rack of other gazillion shorts on the pavement with a huge ' ONLY 99 ' emblazoned on the display placard. Wore it here with my oh so billowy coat and the blouse underneath is red in colour which is not visible at all in the pictures and that is why I say 'an excess of colour' so you have fuschia, red and blue with a tinge of green. This is a rare occurrence when I put my outfit together so I had to do a double stress on that. I'm more of a grey and navy person. Just saying. 

So when you're confronted with an inspiring array of colours here, YES I did get inspired by what was at first an unconscious assemblage of too much colour that could have passed for ghastly or loud, but now its a definite that I will ' do more colour ' .. Yay? Ok. Moving on.

One of my readers asked why I never show my face?? Haha. 
That was the same question I was shot at many times over for the teeny weeny feature on Grazia India.
So I state my reasons below.
Awkwardness mostly. 
Lacking the ability at attempting a natural look/pose/face. Gaze?
And the pictures that I end up posting are my feeble attempts at looking less awkward, or even loony.
So I do end up looking loony most of the time. Though loony is good sometimes. But the loony that I'm talking about is another sort of loony that makes you look like a complete idiot. Ask my sisters.
Hence, ' the face ' not being visible most of the time is the safest approach :D


Vintage Obsession said...

Every time i read about where you picked your clothes from ,i wanna run back to Delhi again :) loved the colors :) and shorts i obviously adore :)

pooja elangbam said...

u got the shorts for 99 bucks?u r kidding me?where?????oh my god!!!can i book you to go shopping with me?i really need thrifted stuff!!!!!!love the red billowy jacket!!!!

Dee said...

I LOVE this outfit on you. I'm glad you popped on the red, it really suits you.

Viv said...

I finally read the Grazia feature, very nice.

libys11 said...

that is such a great color on you!!! that blazer is so rad!! :D i love the shoes too!! :D totally chic!

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sammi-lise ^_^ said...

I really like this outit. The pop of color is great, and it looks so good on you.

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