Monday, April 26, 2010

Queen of hearts?

Aaaannnnd SO! With the previous post being about 'red queen' .... I decided to do a little outfit post based on that. This was not the exact outcome i had in mind but it will just have to do..for now. I wanted more..kooky...weird and creepy where my outfit would mesh more with the character... ' MESH ' ... Get itt??? No mesh here. Definitely NO. No ghoulish white face. None o' the red hair either. And no Victorian poofy dresses either in this day and age. Therefore, i shall definitely do another post again ...with a devilish snicker on my face.. so that when i shout.. " Where are my fat boys??!! " I might be able to produce that same haughty..conceited look. Hahaha. The Mad Hatter? Did you see his eyes?? Gaping wide in earnest..mad to say the least. If he invited me for his tea party..i would get lost in them. Lahlah in Wonderland. Tea getting ideas.

Red GALORE yeah? Hellyeah :P
Currently reading the above book. A darn good one.
Well..a happy grueling long week to everyone.


Dee said...

The top, the knotted skirt, the bag, the shoes, it's all so AWESOME. And I love your hair. I was so tempted to get short bangs last time I was getting a cut, but didn't go for it. Bummer..


Vintage Obsession said...

I love how you do the knot thing with your dresses :) its really interesting :) will definitely try that :) loving the whole look the bag and the shoes the most :)

lahlah said...

you definitely should try for the bangs! Im havin alotta fun with them :) they were much shorter a few days back.. G'na trim them again

lahlah said...

yeap! The knot thing is definitely here to stay. Try excited to see wht ul cum up with :)

lion heart vintage said...

DOOOD. i love the knotted skirt! i'm totally going to steal this awesome invention. red looks great on you!

really loving your blog.

RepublicOfChic said...

You have such a diverse wardrobe! I'm drooling over your pieces.. And you put them together sooo well! Where do you shop? And where do you live? The view is beautiful!

lahlah said...

I live in the northeast but currently studying in New Delhi so Sarojini Market here is my fav haunt :) at home well nothing beats the secondhand stores.

Glamour Bbey. said...

Hay! How are you?
Great blog!

Please visit mine & maybe we can follow eachother!

Love, Cindy


cool outfit, liking the bag blending w/ top.