Saturday, April 10, 2010

a feature.

Im supposedly a blogger yeah?
Yeah??... So this post is going to be about a blogger-rerrrr?? .. i got a mail from Grazia India if they could feature me. Yep. A feature. I thought it was a joke. Things like that do not happen everyday. They just dont. Nuhh-uhh. You dont really start a blog to land a feature or anything. OK. So after a slew of emails and outfit shots.. the magazine's out and believe me it was a bit mind boggling to look at yourself..IN A MAGAZINE!! Its a story on indian fashion bloggers. So a big 'thankyou' to Nidhi Jacobs and the whole team at Grazia.

And yeah... My face is not even visible. I was hoping people wont notice :P 
Oh and check out the other bloggers.


Vintage Obsession said...

So glad to have found a fellow indian blogger:) good going there :)

Moia said...

Congrats, Lala!!! Proud to have u as a Mizo. Keep it up. ^_^

ku2 said...

wow1 congrats!!Havnt seen this month's issue, but will def get my hands on it.
And lemme say it again..looove that red vintage coat