Monday, April 12, 2010

outfit post.

Let errrr' rip. Just saying. In terms of outfit flow.
1234567 posts back, i was rambling about how i'd be the creep in fur.. *clears throat* faux fur. I wouldn't be able to afford real fur anyway..but lets not digress on economical woes..or the Marni shoes i want or Miu Miu's Spring 2010 collection i cant seem to get over. That collection haunts me. No shit. Now we're definitely talking fashion.. I sound almost hysterical. Atleast we're on subject.. Hence the outfit.

Creep in fur??? Where? Yeah..i know. Ordinary. I did wanna toy around with the outfit.. a twist here and there. Or pair it with a longer hem line. Intimates... my faux fur vest thing. A satchel. Heels. I am terribly lazy.
I bought nude coloured socks fine cotton..with pretty details on it. I haven't gone shopping in more than 2 months...which is nothing new if you were hoarding for the past 1234 years. I'm tired of shopping. No shit. But definitely temporary. I'll be getting my mojo back on that soon yeah? Yeah.


Kate said...

cool outits! I love your blog :)


allthatlace said...

I LOVE this outfit. And I can't believe you haven't been shopping in 2 months, although my disbelief probably says more about me than you :)


bekster said...

gah! can't imagine not shopping for that long :(!!!!!
haha atleast you;ve probs got money saved up...
and your shoes and bag are soo nice :D:D

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Hey hi...
Came across yours via Grazia... Nice blog you have. Good!!!

Fashion Panache
My Travelogue

Vintage Obsession said...

This is so cute the whole outfit :))
Loving your style and following you now :)

lion heart vintage said...

it's always good to take a break from the shopping mojo and get back to basics. oh PS these basics are EFFING BRILLIANT.

love your blog lady, keep it up!

aashna said...