Thursday, February 4, 2010

big head alert on rooftop.

    Another new gramma dress. BTW im still here..regarding the lack of posts. Incubating at home. Saw adventureland. Kristen's like Bella out there..there isnt so much of a difference with the characters that she's playing. I dont care much for Twilight anyway. Awesome soundtracks..yeah ofcourse its the 80s. So there's this part where Em (Kristen) sticks up for her friend Joel in the movie. Joel makes out with this girl Sue..who's Catholic and Joel is supposedly Jewish..yeah. Strict parents so Sue bolts.

Em : Hey, how'd it go with Sue?
Joel : Not so good. ( Joel explains )
Joel : Hey, Em, come on. Don't say anything!
Joel : Come on, worse things have happened to the Jews.
Em : F . . . that!
Em : *goes straight to Sue* You know, you don't deserve to date Joel! I mean, you're an anti-Semitic asshole! What do you, like, hate gay people, too? Do you support apartheid? You are not my friend.

So this part really kicked ass.

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