Sunday, February 7, 2010


Made this today. You have toast. Tomatoes. Cheese. Mustard ( love mustard )...moving on. Butter. I wish that would have been beef instead but its not.. its chicken patty.


And here..we have me. As usual. Haha.
I guess the knot thing that im doing lately with my gramma dresses are here to stay for awhile. With this outfit i like that you have a bit of structure at the top and then a little fluid at the bottom. And with that said.. i do like to have what you'd call opposites..when i put an outfit together. A juxtaposition. A contrast...whether subtle or in your face. 


G'na go grab me dinner now.


Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

You pull the shoes+ socks look right off!

Cherie said...

This outfit it so nice. The shoes are fantastic!!!

ku2 said...

Lolllzzz.. u have such distinctive style and personality... I would have opted for a dash of color, maybe the belt in fuchsia or an electric purple.. but you carry off the look well. I dont think I'd have the panache to carry off the granny knotted skirt. Looks good on ya

Kitty said...

Great outfit ;)