Monday, January 4, 2010


Wow. 2010. I have this gnawing feeling in my gut when i look at my phone or the calendar cuz its 2010!! Maybe it has to do with the way the numbers are arranged cuz all i knew were the 1990s..2000s and in such a short span of time..its 2010.. OK i definitely need to stop saying 2010! And quit it with all the exclamations...

SO...finally im wearing this furry thing i got..its pale pink...really pale. It says on the label its from korea..cute label too. And decided to put it on with everything else thats gray. My love for furry things has only begun and you'll see a lot more of that in due time as well..been telling everyone im g'na be the creep in fur (faux fur) this year huhu. Well thats all for the what im wearing part... G'na digress now and herald in the new year with a list...a short list...i'll prolly be sticking post-its on my wall with the same year resolutions??yeah...somethin like that.

* terrible blogger..i want to be a better, daily blogger...hopefully ill try and accomplish that this year. thankyou to everyone who's read my blog

* get rid of all the clutter in my closet
* smoke less..yes i smoke
* be more motivated..regarding everything

Im just gonna go on so ill stop here... im listening to meet me halfway right now... i have no idea how i got hooked to this song... i should prolly change to ra ra riot or third eye blind. I LOVE third eye blind...still love em after all these years. Over and out...

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