Tuesday, December 29, 2009

night shot ehh?

hmmm.. this looks like some christmassy post.. umm well it is. heh and oh i decided to change my font cuz its soo hard to read since its too teeny weeny...like they got obliterated or something.

First off... Hope everyone had a lovely christmas.. and then we come to this mini jacket thing that im wearing.. fell for it since the day i got it..secondhand..price was like zero and then we come to the tree..oh no thats not the tree that ur supposed to have at home..its pretty huge..humongous actually. I took a shot of this tree when we were out and about..driving around town.. and since its all red and bright..like my jacket i decided to post em all together..huddle em together.. yeah a little funny.

Super cold..super lazy here. We're going on  a little road trip tomorrow..visiting an orphanage too..mum and i made a dozen sandwiches..im bummed..from making sandwiches? yeeaaahhh cuz i was stuffing em in the whole time :D

OK G'nite people. 


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ku2 said...

Very distinctive fashion style u've got, melikes.. the dash of red on a monochrome outfit, neutral heels.. and the jacket.. mannish, red..m gettin ideas :D