Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the chill retreats. YEP!

Warmer days...
Sun's out in all its glory but lazy still? Yeah.
Ahh pushing harder.

Holidays over.. Need to get my mojo-jojo on heh. Back to schedules... Oh here we go.

Currently reading this book.. This author is like the winner of the nobel prize for literature so thought id get my hands on it... Im all over turkey right now...would love to visit it one day. this photo totally captures my mood right now... pale...existential obstacles? (yup).. lazy and dreary.

On a brighter more colourful note... a collage of the pasta i made.

And a slew of pictures... 

Vintage coat.

Want this red chunk o' shoe.
And these.



ku2 said...

AAARRGHHH, the red chunk o shoe!!! LOOOVEEEEE!

Seval said...

Oh, hello! I live in Istanbul, so let me know if you decide to come :) I'll help you! Bye :)

Moia said...

I guess most Mizos would have pushed the coat aside as just another 'granny coat'. Love what you did to it.

pooja elangbam said...

aah!!!!!i hv just finished the book museum of innocence.i loved the description of istanbul!
i really adore ur blog! just started one of mine...see if u can check it out. the link is
thank you!