Saturday, May 19, 2012

IT IS THAT TIME when I start assembling images to chronicle what has been plaguing the mind and heart for the past few months and set the whole mood THOUGH! the whole mesh up of these pictures seem antagonistic to each other. The Acne Alice pumps rolled out above the cast of one of my favourite 90s movie?? Hmm.. though I bet Janeane would totally wear these epic shoes...

1. I want to go this short regarding my hair but its really aaallll about PRADA.
2. Winona Ryder in 'Heathers' ..
3. T-shirt that I'mma gonna snatch from this adorable Wildfox model.
4. Acne Alice Pumps.
5. Reality bites OH YEAH. Remember the 'my Sharona' gig at the food mart?? I will never 
    forget Janeane Garofalo for that. Btw I have been watching old Winona movies if you 
    haven't noticed already. And here is the video... I cannot dance - at all so if I'm putting
    the moves on, its really similar to Janeane and Winona's ...arms flailing and wooptedoo 
    we go!
*image source hereherehere ..

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