Sunday, May 13, 2012

I was up to something diabolical. Definite reference to the hair.
And 'diabolical' because it's not everyday that you just go and chop off your hair. It's like a plant that grows on your head, not to mention all that labour which goes into watering and taking care of it so a tinge of regret maybe? Hells NO. Had been contemplating the deed for over two months now so about a week ago, I took my trusty scissors and went snippety-snip. And post the cut, I have been a-beaming and will probably go even shorter in the coming weeks. 


chp_dzn said...

That bag just stole our heart! *in love*
You cut your hair yourself? *_*

lahlah said...

Thank you. Yes I do, for years now and friend's too.. its not rocket science :P

bulbulvish said...

Lovely bag:)
like the pin on your collar:)

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Magali said...

You look super adorable. Props to you for the hair diy... I do love how it looks! :)

Irene said...

I like your new haircut :D