Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Late night Inspo.

"Serizawa! Chicken!" Well..thats me mouthing off one of the lines from Crows Zero. The bad ass guys above. And Polyvore came in handy so I made a collage. I got a bit confused - Tote or Satchel? Wouldn't mind lunging both. I just about died for the Double Peak Lapel Coat. Proenza Schouler. I could take a pass at the dress though and just wear the coat and get into character for my Crows Zero stint with crazy hair. Bad joke. I could get sued for even mentioning that.
Just smuggled HUGE CHUNKS of Dad's roasted pork from the kitchen. Washed it down with coke and cheese. I'm having a bit of a ball here at home. Back to being a troll in the hills which is bloody terrific-al (courtesy Ramona). AND I almost forgot to mention, BIG 'thank you' for the feature over at Grazia and Cosmo India, both this month's issue. HUPPY HOLIDAYS :))

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Lauxafarian Fashion said...

COngrats girl!! If TAvi is there I feel that in you... plus I am eyeing on that blazer...