Friday, October 16, 2009


Marriage?? Hell no. Weddings?? Oh YES..thankyouverymuch. I attended this wedding two days was lovely...ummm its a wedding so obviously and if i start thinking...i have been to only 4 or 5 weddings. I want to go to more :) and i thought i would grab the opportunity to wear the dress? wedding?? i know but... if i had a beautiful peachy nude dress then that would be a better option but...alas..i do not own one so... This dress was down to my ankles so now it has taken a short trip.. :D and i am not too fond of the color of my shoe but the stark contrast with the dress pretty much seals the deal...though i would love to pair it with boxed heels in pastel colors. AND talking about footwear...LV's peg-heeled clogs??? No comments.

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calivintage said...

oh i am in love with that dress! the sleeves are a perfect touch, and the length is perfect!