Monday, October 11, 2010

Below is the skirt I have been living in for the last three months or so.
Dubbed thee my 'lazy skirt' .. I could sleep in them. Thats a bad habit but I do.
Its more of an indulgence for me.
So does it give off the effect that I'm hanging upside down? Heh. I look a bit retarded no? 
Nevertheless. Tired of the monotony I guess. 
And look what I bought! I want to be cocooned in this forever.
Aaaand how cool are the elbow patches???

Saw them here and couldn't believe it when I saw the same thing at Zara. Do check out the site I linked.
Amazing street style and posting a few of my favourite ones from the same.
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Lauxafarian Fashion said...

You're lucky that you found yours patched one!! I am still waiting for mine...


vogueish said...

ooooh..i love that bag of yours....thats a great sweater to begin fall photos...!!!

Sabrina said...

nice outfit :)

Doodlequeen said...

Oh ...I saw those in another street style blog as well...I think it was on Hanneli Mustaparta's website...
They're prettiful <3