Saturday, September 17, 2011

The long summer..

I just omitted some of the pictures that I had intended on posting, they were all cluttered together just didn't seem right. 
1. Small town resort back home.
2. I am yet to wear this pretty little dress.
3. Road trip.
4. Couldn't make a stop at this furniture shop. Had to go all clickety-click while on the go.
5. This is Nigel. My sister's estranged ex-boyfriend.. not to take estranged literally though, just for sport people  . And one of my best friends who tells me to pray to Superman.
6. I lost these shoes at one of the resorts. I miss them.
7. I took this last picture with the Canon 5D which certainly enhanced the color of my skirt to this rich red...though its actually a dull maroon-y color.
................... I hope you guys had a lovely summer and regular blogging will commence from now on, next post will probbly have something to do with Steve Madden.


sophisticatedly yours said...

Seems like a nice summer for you... you really know how to turn simple things look more creative through ur words and photography. I love that side of you which is quite high-pitched in artistic sensibility. Check out my blog sometimes too, I follow yours. Here's my blog address:

Bonniela said...

So good to see you back!
Love the white dress!!

Flor Y. said...

oh, there you are! welcome back! ;)

Bows,Hearts and everything Cute said...

love the white pretty!

char said...

the dress in the second photo is so pretty!