Wednesday, July 6, 2011


SO you can see I'm screaming GIVEAWAY up there because this is my first giveaway and I am so excited because I've never had one on this blog which sometimes makes me feel a bit guilty and inadequate so ANYWAY the blogging business is a-booming and which therefore has resulted in this awesome publication. LO and BEHOLD..
I just received my complimentary copy in the mail and I've been turning the pages non-stop. It's a neat compilation of what any fashion enthusiast could hope for with informative images on the difference between a demi wedge and a cork wedge shoe plus your favorite bloggers. And OH got featured as well which is pretty cool and which I'm so grateful for. I am not gonna be all modest but seeing your name on print, like in a real book, a real one, among so many other bloggers you look up to was epic.  YEAH. The publishers have been gracious enough to collaborate with me in sponsoring this entire giveaway which is the book of course so the question is, DO YOU WANT IT?
Here's a little more than a peak.
A Foreword by Jane Aldridge of Seaofshoes.

Susie Bubble of Stylebubble.
Rebecca of Theclotheshorse.
Wouldn't be complete without Tavi of course.

Arushi flanked by Jane and Tavi :)
All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me, suppose, you did win this giveaway, what would be your reaction when got the book, held it in your hands and gave it a creepy stroke maybe? I'll try and pick the best answer because this is my giveaway and I rule plus you don't have to follow norms like you have to follow this blog as a rule to enter the giveaway blahblah, we wouldn't want to impose SO, easy-peasy right? I'll choose the winner next week. Good Luck!
AND if you don't like giveaways, but want to purchase the book, go HERE.

Thank You so much again to Sabrina Yeung and the editors over at Weldon Owen.


Anonymous said...

Hey I love this giveaway!
I have been looking forward to buy this book for so long since it has those handy little tips which every blogger needs. I have always wanted to look into the inside of the world's most coveted personal-style bloggers (in a non-stalking way of course) and I was so excited when this book released! I would love to get this book..I don't know about if I deserve it or anything but I will certainly guard it with my life!
Here is my email-

sarang said...

Ahnyoung ^___^ My first reaction would be to do a "VICTORY DANCE" <3 if i'd win this giveaway:D

I so wanna have this book cz m in urgent need of a makeover..from drab to fab with just a few pages of serious ,straight to the point fuss free info from the awesomest bloggers in the world.


lavogue-ish7 said...

AH..yes I WILL participate:)
SO if I do get this blogger-ella book Imma go hamina..hamina..Hamina..
And then set the book aside, drink me a wine and go on to flip the pages straight through until I see you.
That Is actually what I would do. I'm cheap NOT a creep.
Oh and congrats on your first giveaway...(congrats is right rite?)

wordsinitalics said...

Hello! I'm SO EXCITED about this book! I'm an aspiring Fashion Designer who FINALLY found a way into fashion school and am paying for it all by myself!! ;-) SO EXCITED bout that too!!! I would use this book to supplement my studies as well as find out info. on all the great blogs out there I should be following! I would buy the book but am currently laid off from my job so I'm REALLY REALLY hoping to win a copy!!


rohinie said...


This book is the Bible of Bloggers...atlest for if i got this book...


and then i would flip the pages...and try to
spot my fav. bloggers...and also feel sad in one way that im not being honest)...

then after going through it a hundred times...i would...hug it...

and kiss it...and sleep with it...and eat with

and lastly...pleaseeee give me the book:)

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

ohhhhhh .... If i get this book then well i'll flip the pages and look and go all "ohhhhh!!! wowwww!!!" and then make my shopping list .... Every girl's dream is to get the right stuff on the *shopping list* cos of course that's the first step to ~awesomeness~ ...

The book first time in my hand would just make me do this **ohmigod!! (big smile) (loud scream) (Can't-believe-look)** And then settle down to soak each page at a time, every tip by the sip and every detail to the last FULL STOP!!

Anyhow congrats for the being-featured-in-the-book!! Like actually reading *urself* somewhere... TREASURE...

Email -

L1L2 said...

congratulations on the feature! you are probably one of the only indian blogs who gets featured in phoren stuff! like the cut and all too... and yes, we WANT! :)
if we were to win... we would leave our department asap(since our mails come to the deptt. address) and sit somewhere together and play the whole "which one would you pick?" thoroughly through the pages/ make mental notes so we can have our says in the second round and maybe fight over who would keep the book... so it could be a toughie. but we promise we won't fight:)

Mahlatsejames said...

This book has my name written all over it so when (if) I win it I will do a little more that mad-dispeakable things to it. This book will forever be in my huge bag and I will always create a reason to whip it out and preach style to everybody within an arm's length from me.

As a fashion Journalist I know it will come in handy.

mail me on

Vivien_5115 said...

dude, DUDE! You're, like, famous now. Please remember us little people who sent you fan mail before the stardom xP. Okay, yeah, no, seriously? If I got the bookie, I'd show it to everyone I know and be all "You remember when you said fashion blogs don't really have a lot of credibility in the industry? Well here's a serving of HAHA! with a little bit of I TOLD YOU SO!!" *points and laughs*
ps: You do rule, glad you noticed.

Mizohican said...

I've been following your blog for a very long time now, and I'm not here to win any GIVEAWAYS. All I wanna say is, I am damn mighty proud of you, your achievements, and the fact that a Mizo has gone where no Mizos have ever gone before! You're outstanding. Cheeers Lahlah! Keep it up! This definitely calls for celebrations, whether you know me or not :)

H.Vangchhia said...

Good job. Keep it up and God bless.

Aparajita said...

For me, reading isn't fun without illustrations and a sense of happiness achieved. The minute I get my hands on this book, I'm going to be a little girl all over again, looking at the pictures with immense interest, flipping through the pages excitedly and taking care of the book like a baby I never had :P

aks_starz said...

Hey gr8 job done !! congrats on ur first giveaway!! Well if i get dis book its gonna be like super awwwesome !! I am a crazy reader and i absolutely luv fashion blogs. I m a designer myself and hv been thnking of starting my blog since long...So having one composite collection of so many creative minds will be super inspiring and really insightful. It will be my style bible :)

E mail -

zzz said...

I guess, for a fashion dumbo like me the book will be like hiring a professional designer to style me up. I would luuuuuurrrrrvvvvee (not just love) but lllooooooorrrrrvvvvvveee to have the book for my everyday dull look to something like outshining the people here.

Miss Frangipani said...

For a young mama who has forgotten to be hip, this book might be a sartorial life-saver yet.

Send it over to me, please!

Jananni said...

I want this book so bad, because it has all the awesomeness of the UNIVERSE!!!
If I get it in my hands, I would never let go(like, literally!) and I would protect it like it's my baby!
I love fashion and I want to love it more. But sometimes, I get disheartened because I don't have enough financial resources to get amazing fashion-related books, and amazing, amazing clothing and accessories. Honestly, getting this book would make me the happiest person in the world, until the next more happy "thing" happens. :P
(The above text may have seemed like I want pity or something, but no. It's just me being honest. :))
So, yeah. I would go AMAZINGLYHYPERSHIT CRAZY if I get this book!!! xD

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! (You see, I'm hyper already, day dreaming that I'm loving the book as I read it. :D :P)

Jananni. <3