Sunday, January 16, 2011

1. Tom Sharpe's Indecent Exposure is dead funny.
2. My nephew with what we call 'Gaga's wig' on his 3 year old head.
3. My sister, Daisy Ginger Head.
4. I love my boots like no other.
All photos by me except for the two below. I fancy being one of the boys. Sometimes. We all do. Its not a revelation. With a nice, slick mop of hair like them dudes below. Shot by Jack Siegel. I love theskullset crew. Been calling Jack and his work that since school. Do check em' out. And below are another cool bunch of boys with even more slick-er hairdo, song's so cool makes you want to punch something while listening to it. I just got introduced to the song so the frenzy has not passed over yet. Punching and all. Heh.

Remember The Outsiders? You get my point yeah?


indi said...

i'll never forget the outsiders! it was 'the' movie of my adolescence.

lahlah said...

Yay! I know!

Esther Flashy. said...

Nice :)
love your blog

shoppingaholic said...

Oh yeah!! every girl wants to be aboy once in her lifetime. somehow or the other.