Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Summer. Iced tea in the gallons. A retreat to the hills soon enough.
Thought id do a post on summer?.. Colour..errrm colour block. Yeah i am referring to the pictures. Nail varnish. I hardly use makeup but i love ze blush... Nude lipstick. And i am saving up for a fire engine red Chanel or Dior lipstick. Opulent brands..yeah. Pompous really. Sheesh. 

This is a lovely pale-ish sunflower yellow. 50bucks.

Stretching it out there. Flexing it up. Heh.

And perched atop my book are these objects... my colour block for this summer. Pretty. Pale. Yeah.

Talking about iced tea..thought id offer a pictorial concoction. In styrofoam cups like these when you venture out and if i am at home i like it in my Nuby Feeding Bottle below.

I am a sucker for baby things. They're cute. They make me creepily happy..like you could chuckle about it with vicious glee.

Oh Summer playlist :
My girls - Animal Collective
Lust for life - Girls
Gotta stay high - New Radicals
Knocked up - Kings of Leon & Lykke Li
Telephone - Lady Gaga & Beyonce

Or put your ipod on shuffle and just GO. Ummm i love music.


bekster said...

i love that shade! :)

Vintage Obsession said...

In the north east you find awesome make up stuff for reasonable prices right ? i love the clothes you guess get there :)

Dee said...

Animal Collective is boss. No way around it. Russian Red (mac) is a pretty good color while you're in limbo for the Chanel :)

lahlah said...

russian red... Mac. Sounds good :) ...thankss

lahlah said...

yeap..we do get cheap make up stuff in the northeast that comes from bangkok..china etc check em out if you do ever visit and raid the secondhand stores btw :)

Hippie Holly said...

Try Ruby Woo from MAC as well if you are looking for a red. It's a wee bit too matte but very 1950's retro. I love the sippy cup its very cute!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Love your choices! I'm a sucker for baby things and iced teas too! And frozen yogurts!! Yummm! :)

vicen said...

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