Wednesday, October 21, 2009

just an outfit post

I am lazy...i dont know think im uppp for blogging :D

Friday, October 16, 2009


Marriage?? Hell no. Weddings?? Oh YES..thankyouverymuch. I attended this wedding two days was lovely...ummm its a wedding so obviously and if i start thinking...i have been to only 4 or 5 weddings. I want to go to more :) and i thought i would grab the opportunity to wear the dress? wedding?? i know but... if i had a beautiful peachy nude dress then that would be a better option but...alas..i do not own one so... This dress was down to my ankles so now it has taken a short trip.. :D and i am not too fond of the color of my shoe but the stark contrast with the dress pretty much seals the deal...though i would love to pair it with boxed heels in pastel colors. AND talking about footwear...LV's peg-heeled clogs??? No comments.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

cant think of a title today

Wearing this skirt with two shoes...heh. Had worn this out to town..had cheese and veg dumplings..not with the heels though..i was wearing flats. Alot has happened.. my dog passed :( and the lense of my camera is royally screwed right now..its in this crooked position so i guess it landed on the lense when it fell and i wonder if it can be fixed..if not..i am royally screwed :((  my dog was playing around and she happened to kick it over and it fell from the bed ..ouch.. and now my dog is dead too :((( and i have been uninspired lately..bored to death and lazy and i feel empty and oh please i am not goin on with this.